How to choose your wedding destination

Finally, after all this time, he proposed and, of course, you said yes! Now it starts the funny (or –not so funny, actually!) part: organise the wedding. Well, you have to choose the dress, call the bridesmaids, choose the menu, and invite the guests and so on. Suddenly, a thought comes across your mind… what if we marry abroad? From that moment on, you can’t  think about anything else, you want to have your perfect wedding on the shores of some beautiful seaside place, or in a romantic and artistic city in Europe. Well, why not? Did you know that you can actually do it?

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Of course, you need to think carefully about it. Fix a budget as a first step. You need to know how much you can and want to spend. Then you have to choose which destination you want. Well, you can spin the wheel and choose a beautiful capital in Europe or you can fulfil your dream of travelling to a faraway destination, as a Caribbean beach or an Indonesian seaside village. 

After choosing your wedding destination, you have two possibilities, book and organise everything on your own (maybe with a little help from your friends) or you can take the easy way and contact a wedding planner or a specialist agency.

That’s on you, there are pros and cons in both solutions. Anyway, everything can be in your hands. You need to think also about that day, how do you want it to look like? A bit adventurous, so maybe you will choose a mountain destination or something more relaxing, as a beach, or a more cultural trip, maybe in one of the wonderful stopovers in the Grand Tour. Whatever you choose, you will have forever the best of memories!

Then you just need to close your eyes, say yes and wake up in your beautiful dream on the other side of the world.