A guide to destination weddings from destination wedding photographer in Europe

Maybe you love to travel, maybe you have some special memories of a certain place, or maybe you just want a unique experience for your special day. So you decided to get married abroad, in some fascinating and culturally rich destination: which one? Let’s decide together!

As everyone knows, in Europe it’s possible to find plenty of cities with an ancient story to tell, cities full of art and historic landmarks and of course, also some surprises! As many of you will think about Italy, and its beautiful cities, others will think about some Greek islands or the south of Spain. Well, we devoted some time and words to these famous destinations, so you will find everything you need to know about it. Let’s move somewhere else, where you can still find art, culture and breathtaking landscapes!

So, let’s begin with another nation that is usually connected with love, romantic affairs and luxury: France. Of course, you can choose Paris, with its everlasting monuments and the possibility to take a boat to cross the Seine while admiring the most famous tower in the world. Paris offers more than that: small cafés, a walk through Montmartre and the endless romantic atmosphere of the capital. If you move to the south of France, in Provence, you can get married among enchanted vineyards or in one of the lush beaches and relax under the sun. Do you fancy something more regal? Well France offers you medieval castles where the first love poems were written! 

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We get it, you prefer something less famous but still enchanting. Well, there’s a little country on the ocean which can be what you are searching for: Portugal! Starting with the capital, Lisbon, and it ups and downs, its little blue tiles, the azulejos, good food and magnificent views. You can also discover the seaside city of Porto, strolling around the many bridges of the city, tasting its famous wine and plunge yourself into culture. Alternatively, you can travel south and discover the Algarve, one of the most appreciated regions in Europe: amazing sea, lavish nature and the peace you need for your special day. If you spend there your wedding weekend… well, we don’t know if you will ever go back home!

And now, close your eyes and imagine a fairytale land, a place where traditions are still alive and you can live the dream of being inside a legendary story. We’ve just stopped in Edinburgh. The most important city in Scotland offers to its visitors a beautiful castle, a historical centre rich in culture and arts, and, above all, ancient traditions that are still part of the everyday life of Scottish people. From Edinburgh, where you can spend some days discovering this fabulous city, you can travel north and celebrate your wedding day in the Highlands, where you can truly feel what magic is. Whatever you choose, a castle or a loch, you will sense the enchantment of the land. 

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Staying north, let’s fly to one of the most breathtaking countries of Europe: Denmark. As well as Scotland, also Denmark is a fairytale land, no wonder it is the birthplace of Andersen, the famous fairytales writer. Copenhagen is a placid capital, where you can stroll around, tasting some local products and feeling welcomed by its citizens. If you prefer a bit of adventure, you can visit the typical cliffs of the country, the fjords, and take a tour of dreamy moors and stunning castles.

And last but not least, we suggest a little city that clings on the Adriatic Sea and with its historical centre has recently been recognized as one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe. We present you Dubrovnik, the Croatian city built on a rock and stunningly people oriented, thanks to its historical paths and the welcoming squares. 

Whatever country you choose for your wedding day, for sure it will bring you magic and happiness!

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