Destination wedding photographer Italy. From Amalfi Coast, Tuscany to Como Lake.

There has always been something between love and Italians, a part from their being warm and open to couples, but there’s something more. Just think about Casanova, Venice, and all the love tragedies that we perfectly know. So, instead of being tragic, just close your eyes and say yes, yes to your wedding, and yes to travel to the south of Europe to celebrate your love in one of the most passionate countries in the world. 

We start with the most known city in the world, a unique city in the world, and one of the most loved destination for weddings and honeymoons: Venice, of course! The water-city offers beautiful glimpse on the lagoon, on historical palaces and secret gardens. Moreover, you will find traditional food to offer to your guests, delicious wine, and you can walk across the old-fashion ‘calli’ and ‘campi’ hand in hand with your newly groom. 

Destination wedding photographer Italy Garda Lake

Being so well known and visited every day by millions of tourists, maybe you want to discard Venice for a calmer and equal romantic destination for your elopement wedding in Italy. If this is the case, maybe you will be glad to hear that just some kilometres from Venice, there are the beautiful hills of Valdobbiadene where you can admire the vineyards and try the real Prosecco. You can visit also some small cities full of history and art such as Asolo or Treviso. 

Talking about wine and hills, there’s also something else in Italy which is very well known and very appreciated by tourists all over the world. Yes, you already got it, we are talking about Tuscany! Everyone knows Florence and its astonishing monuments, palaces and museums. However, Tuscany is more than that, you can discover the hills around the Park of Maremma, you can visit the cities of Siena and Pisa, smaller than Florence but rich in history and art as well as the most famous cities of Tuscany. Here you can have a taste of traditions, food, wine and a nature so florid that it will overwhelm you. 

If it’s not enough, and you want to discover some more of Italy, you can travel a bit north of Tuscany and explore the unique region of Liguria and its ‘Cinque Terre’, famous especially for Genoa, seaside city and capitol of the region, Liguria offers also a very special national park called ‘Cinque Terre’ in which you can find small villages that cling on the mountains facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here, you and your groom will find peace, traditional tastes, and a bewildering landscape which will make your photos unique and your trip unforgettable. 

destination wedding photographer Italy

If you prefer something more typical Mediterranean, warmer and hotter, you can travel south and discover the regions beyond Rome, as for example Campania, Puglia and, of course, Sicily. You’ve probably already heard about Campania, because you can find the beautiful city of Naples and above all, the incredible island of Capri. The perfect scenario for a wedding, with those cliffs and beautiful coves. 

Another perfect scenario is the Salento region, the last part of Puglia, where you will feel welcomed as in your own house, and you will find Caribbean beaches, rural nature and peace. A tour in their vineyards and olive fields, among the famous Trulli and directly down to the beaches, will thrill you and everyone of your guests! 

We can end only with the queen of regions, Sicily, which will bring you culture, history, food and a miscellaneous of feelings while visiting the warmest hills and an immense sea.

If you decide to celebrate your wedding in Italy, you will be certain that you will be welcomed as part of a Mediterranean family and you will remember forever the days spent there. Don’t forget to book your destination wedding photographer Italy!