Elopement weddings in London UK

Let’s tell the truth, every time we think about a love story, we imagine this romantic, out-of-the-world, fairy and magic story, in which the protagonists, after many difficulties, run away together to live happily ever after. Isn’t it true? Because there’s nothing more romantic than an adventurous and passionate love story.

Well, maybe in our reality, in our everyday world, that’s not possible or, at least it is very difficult, but, you know, you can always play a bit on your special day: the day of your wedding.

Because maybe you have spent all your life surrounded by people and noise, so you just want to run away with your love, or maybe you just need to relax and be alone with your future partner before saying the faithful ‘I do’. Therefore, you decided to run away exactly on the day of your wedding… with your groom of course! 

elopement weddings London UK

According to your taste and your necessities, you can choose different types of elopement weddings, which will bring you on the other side of the world or maybe simply on a little chapel among the woods outside your city. You can organise an elopement wedding in some exotic country around the world or you can choose a more fairytale setting in the countryside in Europe. You can choose a place you know, where you’ve already been with your future husband, or a completely unknown corner of the world, where you two can live the best moment of your lives!

When you choose your location, you can choose all the details: how many guests, the settings, the menu… and so on. As normal weddings, an elopement weddings require commitment but with a touch of creativity! In fact, on the day of your celebration, you will live the fantasy, it will be even more special than you’ve ever imagined, and your dream will become true.

And who will be there to capture your enchantment? Your wedding photographer of course! If you find the right wedding photographer, you can decide before the special day what to do and where to stand talking with the photographer, letting the creativity flow and taking advantage of the great setting that you have chosen for your elopement wedding. It will be wonderful to stand under a waterfall of flowers, next to crystalline sea or on the top of a medieval castle. 

Every moment, every shade of joy and happiness will be captured by your wedding photographer and you will live again and again your elopement through the pictures of your wedding day. Because a true love story never ends!