London elopement wedding photographer

It’s very important that you get yourself a professional London elopement wedding photographer for your destination wedding. How else are you going to capture those special moments on camera? You want something worthy of a beautiful frame, don’t you?

If you hire an amateur, I guarantee you’ll be really disappointed in the end. And this is usually how friendships end. I can tell you countless stories when brides hire their friends for their wedding pictures as a favour. If you are thinking of hiring a friend, think twice and evaluate what your friendship is worth. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is the best thing you can do! They know what they are doing and will guarantee you a gorgeous outcome.

London elopement wedding photographer

Nonetheless, even if you hire a London elopement wedding photographer, you still have to remember that you are working with people, and even that can sometimes be a challenge.

If you have a clear vision of how you want your wedding photos to look, be sure that you communicate this very clearly and as early as possible to your wedding photographer. Here are some tips and tricks that may prepare you and help you achieve what you want.

Set clear expectations

Show the wedding photographer the types of photos you like. Do your research online and print out a couple of pictures. Make sure you communicate your vision very clearly. Mention size, colours, focus, tone of photos, and special moments. With your clear guidance, the professional wedding photographer in Spain can go in the direction you want her/him to go after. If you are a control freak and want to have a safety option, make a brief for the professional wedding photographer. The brief should include the types of photos you want, include all specifications and deadlines.

London elopement wedding photographer

Set clear and realistic deadlines

Deadlines are extremely important. Make sure you discuss these in advance and ask your photographer whether they are realistic from his/her side. The deadlines you should discuss are on the delivery and printing of the photos. Editing and proofing takes time. A professional elopement wedding photographer will take time correcting and colouring photos, so make sure that you also don’t put too much pressure on the wedding photographer. Hence, you both need to sit down and agree on a common deadline. This way, your wedding photographer can deliver your photos on time.

If you don’t like something, say it immediately

Once the photos are delivered, make sure you don’t waste any time reviewing them. If there are elements which you are not happy about, tell the wedding photographer immediately!

He/she is a pro after all and is used to this all the time and is there to make you happy. What the photographer usually does, is that he/she saves the originals (never throwing out any proofs) in case the client has more requests. So don’t be shy, and tell the photographer exactly what your request is. The professional wedding photographer will be more than happy to help you.