5 good reasons why hiring a professional wedding photographer London for your wedding.

A lot of wedding couples go through the very tough decision- should we hire a friend to save money or should we hire a professional wedding photographer ?

And the answer is very simple. Always hire a professional wedding photographer!

professional wedding photographer London UK


Here are 5 obvious reasons why:

1) The most obvious reason: Experience

Just because you friend owns a nice camera, doesn’t mean that you should hire him/her straight away. Think about experience. Think about the venue. Mistakes like these are very common when couples hire friends as their wedding photographer. What they don’t account for is the fact that alcohol will be served, and certain things can happen like loosing the memory card or misplacing the camera. The professional wedding photographer Spain will have done this for a couple of years and handles him/herself with utmost professionalism. You might think this is silly, but these things actually happen, so think twice before hiring a friend. It might be cheaper, but it might cost you so much more in the end!

2) Beautiful photos

You can be 100% assured that the professional wedding photographer will deliver high quality photos of your special day in time. In fact, these photos are usually so beautiful, they can be replicated on a canvas and hung in the house so you can cherish that special moment everyday! All you need to do is to do your research and look through the photographer’s portfolio of work. This can give a pretty clear picture of the quality of photos you can expect!

3) Best practices

Here is where experience comes through again! Couples are so concentrated on creating the perfect wedding ceremony that they forget what comes after! After the photos are taken, the wedding photographer usually puts his/hers connections to use. The professional wedding photographer will know exactly where and who to contact to print our your perfect wedding storybook. He/she will even probably advise you on which templates suits your wedding theme.

4) Its all about them

Wedding ceremonies are about the bride and groom. They should feel like celebrities on that day. It is not only about taking the individual photos, but also about empowering them and sending a message that they are the most important people on their special day! All focus should be on them!

5) Rebook for pregnancy and family events

Couples don’t really realise this, but their wedding day is not the only special day that live has in store for them. Many couples rehire their professional wedding photographer (who by now knows the couple’s style & taste) for other special events. These include taking pictures of the different stages of pregnancy or newborn, children and family photography. There are so many magical moments that life has to offer and people should capture these special moments so they can live forever.