Wedding abroad flowers and dresses

Wedding day is an exceptional time in our lives. This is why we do everything we can to make sure that we have tied up the loose ends. Today on my blog some tips about choosing wedding dress and wedding flowers!

Wedding dress

Definitely, one of the most important decisions that a bride-to-be is facing is the choice of a wedding dress. Although it is an attire for one day only, the memories, commemorated by wedding photographs, last forever. Therefore , the choice of a wedding gown cannot be random. Nowadays, we have plenty of opportunities when it comes to the selection of a wedding dress. They are available in various cuts and lengths, even in various colours!

One of the first factors to consider is the time and place of our wedding ceremony as it influences our choice of the dress.

For instance, if you plan a wedding abroad by the sea, which is definitely a wonderful venue for such a celebration, you will have to consider dresses which are suitable for warm climate.

Such dresses are lighter and usually more daring and revealing. For a beach wedding brides often prefer brighter colours to traditional white gowns. The final choice depends on everyone’s personal tastes and preferences. You select a perfect dress for your special day and I take beautiful wedding photographs in order to record the wonderful moments of your life for a long time.

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Bridal bouquet

When a wedding dress is already chosen, the next thing a bride has to think about are various accessories that will match the outfit.

One of the most important of such additional buys are wedding flowers.

Probably the best way of choosing an ideal bouquet is to search through the pictures of model bridal flowers and select the ones that appeal to you in order to create your own beautiful composition later. It is important to match the colour of the flowers to the bride’s appearance and character. A calm and romantic soul would perhaps decide on pastel shades of lilac or pink.

However, if you dream of a lively wedding party you will rather choose bright vivid colours: red, purple or orange. And imagine how lovely flowers look on wedding photographs.

Well-matched accessories make a wedding photography session extraordinary. In the pictures that I made during a wonderful destination wedding session you can see an excellent bridal bouquet made of purple marguerites and white orchids. Purple orchids additionally decorate the bride’s hairdo constituting a perfect combination.